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P57 N91 x Enzi x FA254 x AMD Project 2023 Brand ActivationEventMarketingPRProduction Fashion N91 x Enzi x FA254 x AMDProject, Brand ActivationEventFashionMarketingPRProduction P56 Clarks Retail Dinner Project 2023 Brand ActivationConceptEventMarketingPRProductionSeedng FashionFood Clarks Retail DinnerProject, Brand ActivationConceptEventFashionFoodMarketingPRProductionSeedng P55 URBAN STYLES – Paris Fashion Week Project 2023 ConceptEventMarketingPRProduction FashionSportStreetwear URBAN STYLES – Paris Fashion WeekProject, ConceptEventFashionMarketingPRProductionSportStreetwear P54 URBAN STYLES – Pitti Uomo Project 2023 Brand ActivationConceptEventPRProduction FashionFoodStreetwear URBAN STYLES – Pitti UomoProject, Brand ActivationConceptEventFashionFoodPRProductionStreetwear P53 SOLEBOX x A-Cold-Wall x Timberland Dinner Project 2023 Brand ActivationEventMarketingPRProductionSeedng FashionStreetwear SOLEBOX x A-Cold-Wall x Timberland DinnerProject, Brand ActivationEventFashionMarketingPRProductionSeedngStreetwear P52 PUMA VELOPHASIS Launch Event – Workshop + Party + Seeding Lounge Project 2023 Brand ActivationConceptEventMarketingPRProductionSeedng PUMA VELOPHASIS Launch Event – Workshop + Party + Seeding LoungeProject, Brand ActivationConceptEventMarketingPRProductionSeedng P51 JD Sports x ELIF Album Listening Event Project 2023 EventMarketingPRProduction Music JD Sports x ELIF Album Listening EventProject, EventMarketingMusicPRProduction P50 URBAN STYLES – Paris Fashion Week Project 2023 ConceptEventMarketingPRProductionSeedng FashionStreetwear URBAN STYLES – Paris Fashion WeekProject, ConceptEventFashionMarketingPRProductionSeedngStreetwear P49 JD Sports Endgame Event Project 2022 Event FashionStreetwear JD Sports Endgame EventProject, EventFashionStreetwear P48 Converse x Dennis Buck x Solebox Project 2022 Brand ActivationEventMarketingProductionTalent Scout ArtFashionStreetwear Converse x Dennis Buck x SoleboxProject, ArtBrand ActivationEventFashionMarketingProductionStreetwearTalent Scout C33 Converse Client 2022 Brand ActivationConceptEventMarketingPRProductionTalent Scout ArtFashionMusicSportStreetwear ConverseClient, ArtBrand ActivationConceptEventFashionMarketingMusicPRProductionSportStreetwearTalent Scout P47 Michael Jackson 40 Years of Thriller (Immersive Experience) Project 2022 EventMarketingProduction Music Michael Jackson 40 Years of Thriller (Immersive Experience)Project, EventMarketingMusicProduction C32 deadHype Client ArtFashionMusicStreetwear deadHypeClient, ArtFashionMusicStreetwear C31 SONY MUSIC Client EventMarketingProduction Music SONY MUSICClient, EventMarketingMusicProduction P46 032c x Snipes Launch Event Project 2022 Brand ActivationEvent ArtFashion 032c x Snipes Launch EventProject, ArtBrand ActivationEventFashion P45 JD Store Berlin Activation Project 2022 Brand ActivationTalent Scout Streetwear JD Store Berlin ActivationProject, Brand ActivationStreetwearTalent Scout P44 JD Sports Berlin Lucio 101 Project 2022 EventProductionTalent Scout MusicStreetwear JD Sports Berlin Lucio 101Project, EventMusicProductionStreetwearTalent Scout P43 Hype festival Project 2022 Brand ActivationConceptProduction Streetwear Hype festivalProject, Brand ActivationConceptProductionStreetwear P42 King Of The Game Project 2022 Brand Activation Streetwear King Of The GameProject, Brand ActivationStreetwear C30 JD Sports Client 2022 Brand ActivationEventTalent Scout Streetwear JD SportsClient, Brand ActivationEventStreetwearTalent Scout P41 Ear (Stick) Project 2022 Seedng Technology Ear (Stick)Project, SeedngTechnology P40 Creative Space Project 2021 Concept Art Creative SpaceProject, ArtConcept C29 Lego Client 2021 toys LegoClient, toys P39 Ear (1) Black Edition Project 2021 Seedng Technology Ear (1) Black EditionProject, SeedngTechnology P38 Ear (1) Project 2021 Seedng Technology Ear (1)Project, SeedngTechnology C28 Nothing Client 2021 Technology NothingClient, Technology P37 solebox AF1 Sculpt Project 2021 Brand Activation Streetwear solebox AF1 SculptProject, Brand ActivationStreetwear P36 Snocks Project 2021 Event Food SnocksProject, EventFood C27 Airwaves Client 2021 Food AirwavesClient, Food P35 Wetopia Project 2021 Event Beverage WetopiaProject, BeverageEvent C26 Absolut Client 2021 Beverage AbsolutClient, Beverage P34 Havana Club x Capo Project 2021 Campaign Beverage Havana Club x CapoProject, BeverageCampaign C25 Havana Club Client 2021 Beverage Havana ClubClient, Beverage P33 Model „Berlin“ Project 2021 Brand Activation Sport Model „Berlin“Project, Brand ActivationSport C24 Veloretti Client 2021 Sport VelorettiClient, Sport P32 DACH PR Under Armour Project 2021 PR Sport DACH PR Under ArmourProject, PRSport C23 Under Armour Client 2021 PR Sport Under ArmourClient, PRSport E10 Tobias Vetter Exhibition 2020 Curation Art Tobias VetterExhibition, ArtCuration P31 gigafactory Brandenburg Project 2020 Production Automotive gigafactory BrandenburgProject, AutomotiveProduction C22 Tesla Client 2020 Automotive TeslaClient, Automotive E9 Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek Exhibition 2020 Curation Art Daniel Gebhart de KoekkoekExhibition, ArtCuration P30 Samra x Snipes Project 2020 Production Streetwear Samra x SnipesProject, ProductionStreetwear P29 Tommy Jeans x Solebox Project 2020 Production Streetwear Tommy Jeans x SoleboxProject, ProductionStreetwear P28 Respect The Icons 2.0 Project 2019 Campaign Streetwear Respect The Icons 2.0Project, CampaignStreetwear P27 Respect the Icons 1.0 Project 2019 Campaign Streetwear Respect the Icons 1.0Project, CampaignStreetwear P26 Ist Fritz Project 2019 Production Beverage Ist FritzProject, BeverageProduction E8 Hanko Exhibition 2019 Curation Art HankoExhibition, ArtCuration P25 Frauenfeld Project 2019 Production Streetwear FrauenfeldProject, ProductionStreetwear E7 Franz Grünewald Exhibition 2019 Curation Art Franz GrünewaldExhibition, ArtCuration P24 Feel Stronger Project 2019 Campaign Beauty Feel StrongerProject, BeautyCampaign C21 Yves Rocher Client 2019 Beauty Yves RocherClient, Beauty E6 Christopher Kieling Exhibition 2019 Curation Art Christopher KielingExhibition, ArtCuration E5 Masa Stanic Exhibition 2019 Curation Art Masa StanicExhibition, ArtCuration C20 Fritz Kola Client 2019 Beverage Fritz KolaClient, Beverage P23 Erstes Date Project 2019 Talent Scout Cosmetic Erstes DateProject, CosmeticTalent Scout C19 Axe Client 2019 Cosmetic AxeClient, Cosmetic E4 Johnny Terror Exhibition 2019 Curation Art Johnny TerrorExhibition, ArtCuration C18 SKØN Client 2019 Cosmetic SKØNClient, Cosmetic E3 Moritz Jekat Exhibition 2019 Curation Art Moritz JekatExhibition, ArtCuration C17 Mono Client 2019 Interior MonoClient, Interior P22 McFlurry Cypher Project 2019 Campaign Food McFlurry CypherProject, CampaignFood C16 McDonalds Client 2019 Food McDonaldsClient, Food E2 Philip Koll Exhibition 2019 Curation Art Philip KollExhibition, ArtCuration P21 Stop Dreaming Start Driving Project 2019 Campaign Automotive Stop Dreaming Start DrivingProject, AutomotiveCampaign C15 CarCredit Client 2019 Automotive CarCreditClient, Automotive C14 LANI LEES Client 2019 Fashion LANI LEESClient, Fashion E1 Amely Sommer Exhibition 2019 Curation Art Amely SommerExhibition, ArtCuration P20 The Tiger Is In Vienna Project 2019 Brand Activation Sport The Tiger Is In ViennaProject, Brand ActivationSport P19 Onitsuka Tiger Project 2018 Event Fashion Onitsuka TigerProject, EventFashion P18 WTG Project 2018 Production Streetwear WTGProject, ProductionStreetwear P17 SOLEBOX GEL-LYTE 3 Project 2018 Event Streetwear SOLEBOX GEL-LYTE 3Project, EventStreetwear C13 Atmos Client 2018 Streetwear AtmosClient, Streetwear C12 Solebox Client 2018 Streetwear SoleboxClient, Streetwear P16 Beefeater projekt Project 2018 Production Beverage Beefeater projektProject, BeverageProduction C11 Beefeater Client 2018 Beverage BeefeaterClient, Beverage P15 Wavy App Project 2018 Marketing Finance Wavy AppProject, FinanceMarketing C10 Klarna Client 2018 Finance KlarnaClient, Finance C9 Skullcandy Client SkullcandyClient, P14 Japan Fast Pack Project 2018 Production Sport Japan Fast PackProject, ProductionSport P13 DACH PR ASICS Project 2018-2019 PR Sport DACH PR ASICSProject, PRSport P12 Sonra Project 2018 Event Streetwear SonraProject, EventStreetwear P11 Always Classic Project 2018 Campaign Streetwear Always ClassicProject, CampaignStreetwear P10 Suede 50 Project 2018 Event Streetwear Suede 50Project, EventStreetwear C8 Puma Client 2018 Event Sport PumaClient, EventSport P9 Move The Power Project 2018 Campaign Technology Move The PowerProject, CampaignTechnology C7 X-Layer Client 2018 PR Technology X-LayerClient, PRTechnology P8 Head In The Game Project 2018 Event Sport Head In The GameProject, EventSport P7 Heritage Club Project 2017 Event Sport Heritage ClubProject, EventSport C6 Reebok Client 2017 Sport ReebokClient, Sport P6 Kurve Deines Lebens Project 2017 Concept Automotive Kurve Deines LebensProject, AutomotiveConcept P5 Knolling Project 2017 Concept Sport KnollingProject, ConceptSport C5 ASICS Client 2017 ConceptPR Sport ASICSClient, ConceptPRSport P4 NFL Football Night Project 2017 Event Sport NFL Football NightProject, EventSport C4 DAZN Client 2017 Event Sport DAZNClient, EventSport P3 Converse The Sequel, In Pastels Project 2017 Brand Activation Streetwear Converse The Sequel, In PastelsProject, Brand ActivationStreetwear C3 Snipes Client 2017 Concept Streetwear SnipesClient, ConceptStreetwear P2 Garage Project 2017 Brand Activation Automotive GarageProject, AutomotiveBrand Activation C2 Mazda Client 2017 Concept Automotive MazdaClient, AutomotiveConcept P1 Remix Your Life Project 2016 Beverage Remix Your LifeProject, Beverage C1 Veltins Vplus Client 2016 Beverage Veltins VplusClient, Beverage